Ready for Adventure?

Trail Life USA is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership program for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible. Troop TX-12:02 is an official chartered troop with Trail Life USA.


  • Decades of accumulated adult leadership experience
  • Two family campouts annually at nearby locations
  • Service projects
  • High school credits
  • Boys pay their way (only one annual fundraiser)
  • All meetings same place, same time: twice per month


  • Leadership & life skills
  • Spiritual responsibility
  • Chivalry
  • Outdoorsmanship
  • Development of moral, physical, & intellectual character
  • Setting & working toward goals
  • Fathers walk with their sons, discipling them in the context of the Bible


  • Leadership training
  • Dads encourage toward godly manhood, & help in teaching that to their sons
  • 1202 is a well-tuned tool that will greatly assist in growing godly men
  • Accountability & support from other godly dads

Is 1202 For You?

In Troop TX-1202, fathers walk with their sons, discipling them in the context of the Bible. At least one parent is required to attend the troop meetings, and dads are encouraged to attend as many of the outings as they are able. We are not a drop-off organization.

Parents regularly participate in serving as rank and advancement counselors as well as filling the supporting roles in troop leadership. Many of the dads who participate in the group with their sons discover their “inner outdoorsman”, as they learn outdoorsmanship from other dads in the troop, and forge friendships that last for many years.

We represent ages 5 to 18. All age groups meet on the same night in the same facility so that families with multiple children can all participate at one time.

Woodlands Trail (K-5th grade) are dad-led and organized into three levels: Fox, Hawk, & Mountain Lion. Their life theme is "Knowledge".

Navigators (6th - 8th grade) are led by the Trailmaster. They are divided into three units: Recuit Trailman, Able Trailman, and Ready Trailman. Their life theme is "Understanding".

Our Adventurers (9th-12th grade) are led by an Advisor and their life theme is "Wisdom".  Adventurers pursue three different awards "Journey, Horizon, and Freedom". 

Navigator and Adventurer age boys typically go on outings once a month and one high adventure expedition per year. Woodlands Trail age boys have 3-4 outings and several activities per year.

TX-1202 small

Recent outings & activities include:

  • backpacking
  • canoeing
  • rock climbing
  • summer camp
  • geocaching
  • mountain biking
  • 1202 Grand Prix
  • archery & bb gun range
  • winter expedition camp in Minnesota
  • wilderness survival
  • sailing
  • scuba
  • visit to USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX
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Trail Life USA Program Overview