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Where Moms & Daughters Connect

Troop 1202 provides a place for mothers and daughters to fortify their bonds with each other, while growing in their relationships with the Lord and obtaining new and varied life skills.

FaithKeepers is an organization designed to give mothers an opportunity to impart to their homeschooled daughters wisdom and many skills they can utilize as women, friends, scholars, wives and mothers. As homeschool moms, we know there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle all that we want to teach our girls. The reality is that academic subjects and other responsibilities often mean we cannot fit in these special times with our daughters. FaithKeepers gives us an appointed time to meet with other mothers and daughters and makes it easier to ensure that they grow up to be well-rounded women.

FaithKeepers is designed to: 

  • Foster teachable spirits in daughters & moms
  • Encourage & raise up a godly generation
  • Model and develop healthy friendships
  • Extend a spirit of service to others
  •  Provide daughters with the opportunity to practice being role models & leadership skills